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Navigating through concrete barriers: The influence of urban construction on green spaces

Iraq In recent years,Iraq has experienced a remarkable surge in urban development driven by population growth, economic expansion, and climate change-induced migration from rural to urban areas. As urbanization continues to reshape the global landscape of civilization, the repercussions of rapid urban construction are becoming increasingly apparent in Iraq. Baghdad, in particular, has become…

The electricity in Iraq and the anticipated role of renewable energy solutions is a critical issue

Renewable energy solutions is a critical issue Iraq Rising temperatures stand out as one of the most prominent direct impacts that Iraq faces due to climate change. During the long summer, temperatures often soar beyond boiling, exacerbating the challenges in the energy sector. A stifling crisis looms over the industry, and continuous power outages have…

Marsh Women Struggle with Climate Change in Iraq

Iraq-Maysan Once the Middle East’s largest wetlands were dubbed the ‘garden of Eden’ due to the fertility of the land, but Iraq’s Hawizeh marshes have been parched by years of drought. Now acute water shortages, the worst in 40 years, are having a devastating impact on the livelihoods of the remaining women and families who…

Climate change leaves Iraq’s ‘breadbasket’ with less water, wheat, and farmers

NINEVEH, Iraq Shadi Qader’s fingers, once stained by Nineveh’s soil, are now drenched in cement, his nails smudged with the residue of building materials; textures he is still getting used to six months after starting to work in construction. Climate change leaves Iraq The 33-year-old lifelong wheat grower is one of thousands of farmers who have…

Iranian oil supplies are suffocating Iraq

Analysis: Iran is trying to economically and politically subjugate Iraq through its oil exports, as shortages trigger mass electricity blackouts and demonstrations. Iraqi protests can be directly linked to the country’s energy situation, as electricity shortages demonstrate both the government’s failure to provide essential services and the extent of Iranian influence in the country. Iranian oil…
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