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Ashura: “The roots of the social and religious heritage of women in Iraq”

social and religious heritage of women in Iraq Iraq The remembrance of Ashura has long been linked to a cultural and religious heritage among all the women of the Shiite sect throughout Iraq, as women used to meet in groups daily from noon until evening, accompanying their young daughters in their black clothes as a…

Yazidis remain fearful of return to Sinjar

Iraq-Sinjar "They were abducting young girls to present them as gifts to [Islamic State] IS fighters or to sell them in slave markets. They said the Yazidis are infidels." recalls Bakiza Saleh. Yazidis remain fearful of return to Sinjar The 50-year-old is not the only woman in Mam Rashan camp, in Iraq's northern Nineveh…

Sabean-Mandaeans live on brink of extinction

Iraq Iraq is home to a diverse fabric of ethnic and religious communities, but one of its oldest minority groups is now under threat. There are fears that the Sabean-Mandaeans, who have lived in Mesopotamia for more than two millennia, will disappear completely. Mandaeans live on brink of extinction Fading away Sabean-Mandeans trace their…

The Marsh Arabs and their conflict with the Modern state

At a time when we are witnessing environmental threat to the marshes, and the 30th anniversary of the Marsh Arab genocide and drought, it is worth shedding light on the relationship of the modern state with the Marsh Arabs since the beginning of the 20th century through an analytical look at the policies that shaped…
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